Before getting started with film shooting in Morocco, it is important to obtainan official film permit from theMoroccan Cinematographic Center, the film production authorization agency that governs all film production projects in Morocco. ... (more)


Every filmmaking project calls for crew members who are knowledgeable and possess the skills to put strength in a collaborative work like film production. The film crew may comprise experts in various fields from financial to the creative aspects of production, such as technicians... (more)

Film equipments

Morocco- the land of cultural heritage, magnificent landscapes and vibrant history, which is also known as a ‘paradise’ for film production welcomes you to experience an entirely different atmosphere to shoot a film in Morocco... (more)

Our locations

At Morocco Film Production, we offer excellent film location services in Morocco so that you can select the best location for shooting your film. You can choose to utilize the services of our expert scouts who have in-depth knowledge of various locations that are ideal for shooting.

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